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Safe, powerful, and easy to use

Dakshin D-Flow Ultrasonic Flow Cell

This ingenious ultrasonic flow-through system is best for higher volume streams and higher viscous materials.

About the Product

Our powerful ultrasonic reactors enable close system sonication which is highly effective over bath-type processing. As the material goes through the chamber into the cavitation zone, you are assured of homogeneous liquid processing with uniformity.

The mechanism allows flow-through mode (single pass or recirculation) or enclosed sonication in a chamber, along with emulsification, dispersion, disruption, and crystalisation (especially in pharma).

2120 x 120 x 150300
4150 x 150 x 180400
8150 x 150 x 360600
10150 x 150 x 4501000
15180 x 180 x 4651500
20250 x 250 x 3202000
24260 x 260 x 3652000
  • These models are available with standard ultrasonic frequency: 30 + 2 Khz
  • We also offer ultrasonic flow cells in other frequencies ranging from 22, 35 to 40 Khz
  • The material of construction (MOC) is SS 304 and other higher grade stainless steel like SS 316.

Made to perform

Multiple benefits

Wide application

High Performance

  • Sturdy chamber
  • High quality PZT Sandwich Transducers
  • Robust stainless steel body


  • Portable and easy to use
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Long life
  • Very low noise level
  • Long run time


  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Science and engineering institutes
  • Laboratories